Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where did my childhood toys go

 Do you remember your favorite toy?  Are you fortunate to still have it? Were you one of those kids that took care of your toys?  Maybe your mom kept all your dolls in the box.

I was born in the 70's and some of those toys I know longer have access to for numerous reasons.

1.  They are not even on eBay.
2.  They were sold at a garage sale when I was a teenager and didn't care anymore.
3.  They are too expensive on eBay.
4.  I played with them till they fell apart.
5. I let my kids play with them and they mysteriously broke.
6.  They are noted as hazardous to my health 20 years later and all made it on the recall list and removed from society.

  This is what happened to my toys!  I would however be able to identify them in a line up! Just in case your mom bought it from my mom.  Heading to a neighborhood garage sale near you.

  Stop by tomorrow to see my toys!

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