Monday, November 30, 2015

Date 29

  Let's not beat around the bush.  I will miss the dating prompts.  I have surprised myself with a few.  Not because they were outside the box or even who they were with but the fact that it is about what you make it.  With a little extra work, some time set aside; a date can happen at anytime, anywhere and of course with anyone.

  I like the fact that there doesn't have to be stress.  It helps to label the occurrence  a "date" rather than just a dinner.  It makes it more special but, you don't have to prepare for it weeks ahead or stop the flow of everyday life.  You can do what works for you and make it special time anywhere.

  Today's date is another day for you!  No running away today. Today you are staying home and finding time!  Today stay up later or get up earlier to find yourself some valuable quiet time.  I do set my clock earlier than my kids and although it hurts in the morning staying up later is nice when its undisturbed too.

  Today read a book, finish magazine, paint your nails, style your hair.  Take some time for you!  You could take this date if nothing else and practice it everyday but then it's almost not a date.  If it becomes habit then it's a chore or routine.  So for this one the point is to make it extra special for yourself!  Whatever it is that you never find time for; find time for it and do it.  You always manage to squeeze in a load of laundry so now your just squeezing in time for you. 6:00 Tuesday morning you have a date with ________ doing __________.

Have fun everyone!

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