Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Jersey Lighthouse Adventures Part 2

  I would like to point out we stayed the night on this weekend adventure but I heard at the last lighthouse I went to that some individuals managed to make a pit stop at all of them in one day.  I can't even imagine.  How much time you spent at each stop.  Did they climb to the top of any of them?  Was there a line to wait in to climb to the top?  Were they locals and new where they were going because we certainly didn't know the best routes.

  I didn't climb all the lighthouses ( I wore my trusty ortho boot)
but didn't climb a few.  Even after the challenge I thought about how I wish I had climbed more of them.  Not necessarily all of them but that would have been fun too.  But not all lighthouses are the same, the architecture alone is pretty neat.  The outside and the inside are similar but different.  The view from each and everyone of them would have been just as unique.  Some were very close to water and others were not but what could you see from out of them?  Land, water, a city? 
As I write this out and I am now thinking to myself I want to go back.  Next year I will go at the same time or leave Friday so I am there at sunrise on Saturday morning.  I will even plan to see something sights while I am there.  Never to early to start planning.  They say the earlier you start planning the cheaper the rate, so does that mean my hotel could be $10, lol?

  After Sandy Hook we preceeded to Navesink Twin Lights.  These two lighthouses are the most northern houses.  The roads were less than desirable to get to both destinations.  At one point the road drove what look liked straight towards the water.  I could not take a picture of that.  The road curved around and curved back.  On way to Navesink was a steep hill.  I had to drive up and pull over to allow cars to come down.  You drive up this one car lane and with a cliff on one side, good times.

  This lighthouse looked like a castle or a fort.  The two lighthouses were on each side with a main building connecting the two.  I actually bought a postcard from this location because I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing.
 64 steps is nothing we tackled this lighthouse!
 I love the classic spiral steps.  I could never quite get that circular picture that you always see in pictures but, I did keep trying.
 Wave to NYC.  Although we were so close to the city.  We didn't visit but maybe next time.
steps: 42
 This little lighthouse was situated in a nice ocean town. It wasn't very busy and the street opened up at the water.  I could see spending the weekend at a bed and breakfast in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

 It wasn't that quiet as there were a lot of people visiting the lighthouses so the beach was not their focus but I love to see an undisturbed beach.

Steps: 217

 Ok, I have practiced for this one.  Up we went!  My son wanted to go up and he made it all the way up except for the last 15 steps.  So now picture me carrying up the rest of the way and then all the way down.  Me and the boot!  I am momma hear me roar!

   After we visited this lighthouse we drove down the street and around the corner to the museum. 
 This museum originally was a one room school house.  I enjoy seeing old artifacts and furniture.

   Ok that is all I am sharing with you today.  I hope you enjoy the small peeks into my trips. I have 7 stops to share with you.  I can not express how fun this challenge was.  How awesome it was that the state of New Jersey, the Lighthouse Society and the Lighthouse Managers Association of NJ invited everyone to see their state and their lighthouses.


  1. Light houses are so beautiful!!! I'm with you - those spiral staircases are lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. We saw that some of the beach houses had them going from their second story to the rooftops. I guess that was something the architect made specific for these homes.

  2. What a beautiful lighthouse. I have never visited one, but I think my kids would like to!

  3. Love lighthouses although I've never actually visited one! After this I definitely would love to.