Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mummy (craft)

  When it comes down to it decorating is fun.  Arts and crafts are fun; so why not combine the two when you can.  What makes your decorations good are making them yourself.  This cuts down the cost and opens up the door to so many possibilities.  What's even better is its free if you can manipulate what you already own to create crafts or decorate.

  We worked on a couple mummies.  The kids were able to make them by alone with little help from me.

  For both of these crafts you will need toliet paper.  Everyone should have this supply on hand and you can still use some of it off one project if need be.  (Just in case it's an issue that your using it.)

We decorated our door first.  I started this last year with a snowman and it just kind of makes you smile when  you see a decorated door.  It is an inside door so it lasts for as long as you want since it's avoiding the outside elements (that's something to think about in your future door decorating)

  Just randomly criss cross your toliet paper across the door.  I used tape to secure it every once and awhile.  Of course add some eyes to it peeking out for more personality.

  The next mummy we made we all had our own empty toliet paper roll and toliet tissue.  Take shreds of the paper and glue them to the tube.  Shreds make it more realistic and don't worry about covering the whole area.

  Add some eyes and lips if your my kids.  Each mummy should represent itself don't you think?  I guess mine is a boy as it doesn't have eyelashes like my daughters.

  They make cute little easy to make projects and as cheap as they are you can make a dozen to decrate your house.  These would make a great Halloween project for kids.

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