Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fun in the Sand

  I don't feel the need to attend every local festival but there are some that I am determined to get to.  I do enjoy the vendors with their various homemade items, the delicious food only offered at the fairs, carnivals and festivals and even the brands and companies giving away their promo cups, bags and Frisbees.  However one event I make every effort to attend every year is the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival.  Not only does this festival have the food vendors offering me fried dough, turkey legs, kettle corn and drinks in those cute bronze cups but also paintings, pictures, lawn decorations made of recycled items and jewelry made of everything.  This year I only bought a bag of slush mix to add to a bottle of wine.

  I will worry about the DIY mix later because I am sure there is one out there but, when I tasted this peach blend it was delicious.  The only sad thing about the mix is the lady lives in Alabama so I will need to make my own or find a closer supplier.

  The freebies that I picked up include more bags that I will get an additional $.05 off at Krogers for bringing in, coupons to include 2 free pizza's, a couple of fans and a wooden spoon!

  All this was just fluff on the cake as the real star of the show was the sand sculptures!

  Each year artists come from all over the world for this competition and it's never a disappointment.

  Some sculptures are just as spectacular on the backside as they are on the front!

We ate a couple sample slices of pizza from @urbanpie! Delicious doesn't describe these enough.  The coupons we picked up will be used soon.  We even scored free salted caramel ice cream cups from @turkeyhill for dessert!

If you haven't been to this festival you really should.  It's known as taking back the beach after the tourist season is over.  It's very family friendly and with a modest $5 entry fee to see the sand sculptures it's money well spent!

Goodbye 2016 Neptune Festival see you next year! 

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