Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas is Over

  Christmas is over!  Or is it?  Is Christmas over after you opened the presents? Traveled to all your families? When you get home?  I say it is over here as the kids are in bed.  All wore out from getting up early, peaking at their highest excitement level and are now sleeping.

  No more questions.  How did Santa....?  Can you open this please?  Can you make it work? All is calm.

I don't know if I appreciate this time the most out of the whole day or not.  It's fun to see the pure happiness but there's a lot going on through out the day.  I'm exhausted.  More so mentally then physically.

  I had to open presents.  Its becoming a whole new experience.  Toys are so secured in their box that even if they roll off a truck at 60mph; all will be ok.  Even if they fall off a sleigh at 30 feet in the air; all will be ok.

Take a look at this locking device on this toy. Now here's an area that even comes with directions and should have some.  You need to twist the knob into a groove for release.  Is all this plastic cheaper then the ties?  Does it secure the toy better?

  Not one box was the same.  These are the easiest tie downs in my opinion.  Ah, untwist it, pull it back threw and that's it.  Definitely the fastest securing system that I can master!

  Then comes the dolls.  Have you purchased a doll lately. Lately meaning these are not the tie downs from my childhood.   These remind me of the strips that secure pet food. You pull one string and it opens right up.  Except these don't work so magically.

  After all that work then preparing dinner; bedtime for me just couldn't come soon enough. I'm so exhausted; mentally exhausted.  

  Good night everyone!  I hope your holiday was great and everything will almost go back to normal tomorrow. I don't promise, I only hope.

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