Friday, September 30, 2016

Letter D preschool


Some weeks I will be able to find more objects for the letter of the week and I will take full advantage of that!

 Diaper, doll and duck!

Donut, dragon, deer, Doc McStuffins, dimes and the hat was for discover!  On our discovery walk we kept our eyes low and saw some interesting things.

I like to make a desk up as its something that's passed first thing in the morning so my son is already checking out and identifying objects.  He knows what a dinosaur is but never knew it started wit a letter D.

We used dimes to mark the appropriate number of objects.  He counts the objects and has to figure out what the number looks like.  He then places the dime on the appropriate number.

The big letter d became a road.  D is for drive.

I also used toilet paper rolls to make a marble run because d is also for drop!

I will tell you it's amazing to see how much fun a child can have with the simplest things.  I guess because it was new but also it moved, it worked it stirred up imagination!

With 4 letters under our belt I think next week we will plan on reviewing all the letters up to this point which will include identification, writing, and sounds.  We will discuss shapes, and numbers as well. 

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