Thursday, September 22, 2016

Festive String of Lights (review)

  Although summer is officially very there's still time to hang out and socialize outside.  More time can be spent outside in more comfortable conditions because the summer heat is considerably lower as well.

   Hanging out with your friends or family on your patio or poolside just got better with these festive lights.  These lights are solar powered which greatly helps if you don't have a outlet readily available or nearby.  The lights come with a stake of which you can leave in the ground to obtain your solar power.  Of course the lights can be used in your home too.  They don't take up very much room and if you decide to leave them up just make sure there is a window to charge the solar pack.

  The lights are a nice soft light in primary colors.  The solar box allows you to turn on and off the lights as well as change the mode of the lights from constant to blinking lights.

  The lights were ready to use out the box once you unraveled them.  Think of unravel like folding a map back after you opened it. You are able to string them however you see fit and have some leftover cord to hide the solar pack if you desire.  The dragonflies are made of plastic.  You can see detail in them both with the lights on or off.  They are space evenly apart so you can see all the colors without appearing like a blob.

I received this product for free for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

To find out more about this product or order click here.

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