Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bouncing Happiness

This toy here makes for a fun day outside!  Believe me when I say all ages will smile at this entertaining ball of catch.  I received this product a couple days ago and waited ever so patiently for the tension to reach a certain level in the house before I decided to pull out the box and introduce its arrival to our family.

This kit arrived to us from Toys R Us.  I was able to select my color from 4 options.  The kit comes with 1 Super Wubble Bubble Ball, a air pump that's takes 4 AA batteries, petroleum jelly, and patches.

You fill the ball and that was the easy part.  The instructions say fill to under 3 feet.  I still wonder about that.  Was I suppose to have the ruler out there?  I filled it, chickened out and filled it a little more.  Who really likes to have a balloon pop in their face?  Truth be told that is one of my phobias!

  Blowing it up was easy once you have the nozzle in the ball the right way.  It blew up immediately.  When you pull out the nozzle the ball seals itself basically to keep the air in.

We played catch with it although most of the time we were chasing the ball.  It's a little hard to catch.  It had some slight weight to it and it bounced and drifted on the wind like crazy.

The ball is strong.  You are able to pinch it!

  This was a fun item for all of us to review.  This was definitely kid approved and mom thought it was neat too!

  I was provided this product for free for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

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