Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family Game Night (review)

  One of my favorite reviews this week were part of a game.  I had to run out and get the rest of the set so we could take advantage of the review product.  This product even thrilled my kids.  We have been playing for days now.

We got a box of 6 birdies.  With the simple push of a button inside the tip they are illuminated into a rainbow of colors.  They are made with Goose feather, plastic and and the tips are a soft foam type material. 

I had never played badminton in the dark before but now will be playing more often.

Badminton is such an easy game for anyone to play. Young or old it's easy to catch on to the concept of the game and bat the Birdie back and forth.  Of course you will have that one competitive person your playing with but it's still presents a fun time spent outside. 

I received this product for a discount for my honest review and all opinions are my own. 

LED Badminton, URPOWER Shuttlecock Dark Night Colorful Goose Feather LED Badminton Glow Birdies Lighting For Outdoor & Indoor Sports Activities, 6 pack(Include 1pcs Color Changing Shuttlecock) (6) 

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