Monday, May 11, 2015

My childs bucket list

Many of us have a bucket list maybe not a actual list written down awaiting us to cross off our completed goals but, we have things we are fully aware of wanting to complete. Children have these desires too. Yes, they are constantly telling us what they want versus what they need. But they are so limited in their world of what they can really want.

The television helps to convince them of all the toys they want or a subscription comes in the mail with the latest must haves for your American Girl doll. I am amazed on a daily basis of all the only sold on TV items my child needs. She would be zipped up in bed surrounded by a dog sleeping on her unicorn pillow and eating her snacks from the same cup as her drink if I didn't let her play with the unbreakable bubble!

 We got out of the house on Friday to explore a near by park.

The park to us means playground and nothing more. I helped expand that image.  A park contains nature you may never see at home or at least slows down time for you to see it.
This moth looked like a shirt high above our heads on the wall.  We definitely do not get to see these by our house. Moths are so rare and to be able to see one displayed was nice.  A spider web in all its glory at childs eye level undisturbed was fascinating work of art.

 We weren't even to the good stuff of the trip but the trip was proving to be entertaining and enjoyed by little folks.  There are a lot of activities available at this park and I had two main goals. Did you know with a little research you can find local parks that rent bikes, boats and some sporting equipment? 
 We made a few stops on the way to this park to pick up items for our outdoor adventure. Stopped at Steak and Shake and got our energy with a half price milkshake (Ahh, hello 3 milkshakes for less than $5 can't beat that!!)

Our first adventure was riding on a boat!  She wanted to actively participate and peddle.  (I thought hey that is a great ab workout!!)

Safety first of course! Fashion. Accessories optional! ;)

Next item of business cue the pole (bought on the way up) and gloves. (also bought on the way)

I was proud she assisted in looking and even held a worm.
Brief intermission of nature at its finest yet again. I ♡spring!

Resume adventure......
Mission accomplished!

It was nice to have given my daughter to new experiences.  On the way home she said that was her first boat ride, her first time fishing of course her first fish.  All things she never knew to ask for. Numbers crossed off her imaginary bucket list.  I can't wait to give her more first times. To see her eyes open at new opportunities.  I can't wait to help her cross off her bucket list!

This week with many days of rain we will focus our educational time reflecting on what we learned, saw and did at the park.

What is on your childs bucket list?

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