Thursday, May 21, 2015

I tried it (a daily series)

  I have mentioned we buy our oatmeal in bulk.

  I don't know if it's due to the great price, our excessive oatmeal consumption, or because we are a family of 6.  I can't even remember if we liked oatmeal before as much as we like it now.  But anyways we don't just dine on oatmeal for breakfast.  We enjoy it in other forms as well.  Cookies, pancakes (I have made it into flour- genius) and granola.

 Granola another item you can save money on and make it healthier if you just made it from home.    There are soo many recipes to choose from.  We are out of honey for our favorite granola but I found a 3 ingredient recipe. (Yep, brown sugar is bought in bulk too) You can't beat that.

 We make granola bars here and plain granola to munch on as well.  We enjoy making our own blends.  The great thing about making it yourself is you can add as little or as much of the raisins or chocolate chips that you want.  I have found that nuts deter others from eating it so I slide some of those in my blend.

Voluntary help is not always hard to come by.  My little assistant will help without even asking to eat it afterwards.  She is an equal opportunity chef assistant.  Although I have not asked for her help in preparing any green vegetables; she may decline with that situation.  But, she does like granola of any kind!

Today's snack was granola!  One variety had craisins and chocolate chips and the other walnuts, raisins and craisins.

It got a little toasty regardless of me watching it.  Next time I will either reduce the time or temperature.  The end result was satisfaction from the young assistant.  She had hers with yogurt (and not the mix with nuts)!
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