Friday, May 29, 2015

Can you hear me now?

 So I was sick on Sunday.  Enough to disrupt my sleep, enough to make me pace, open a window, feel suffocated, anxious and an odd sensation in my head.  My son was diagnosed with a horrible illness and that weighed heavy on my mind.  I didn't want to spread anything to him or get what he had. So I headed to the emergency room at 1am.  Not because I had nothing else to do and I love doctors but because I was sick. (I have been sick in the past I however never go to the doctors.)

After sitting for an hour or maybe it was two.  The accommodations were so comforting I lost track of time.  I was told: I have small ear canals (Ahh ok of all areas I want to be small I had overlooked something concealed inside my head), I have allergies  (new to me never had them before- thanks for stopping in) and my ears were not squeaky clean (I will call it that as it doesn't sound as bad).

 Well lucky me while I was there waiting on results they were nice enough to give me a special ear spa.  Oooh you haven't lived life until they pour some oil in there massage gently and rinse it out with luke warm water at the rate the water comes out of firehose at a 3 alarm fire! Peace, tranquility and hmm is that a dog I hear barking in Alaska?

Walked away from this lovely event with several prescriptions, and a recommendation to go to the ear salon (ENT)!!!  Well lucky me I went yesterday. The accommodations were great! The chair is similar to a hair salon.
Not to bad right?  Well I got all comfortable not knowing what was in story for me only knowing once again why I was there.  The staff was great and the young lady that dotted my i's and crossed my t's, and took my blood pressure assured me she would be more than happy to assist me but the doctor was there so I lucked out.

Enter doctor! He was great not just because he is from upstate NY (upstate NYer's wear this sign that other natives pick up on- Buffalo Bills logos!) but because he let me know of a great donut shop I had not yet discovered.  Great sized and flavored donuts! Yummy!!! (Did you guys know I worked out for food?)

 Well what that doctor did too my ear should not remain a secret.  There was a machine in my room I neglected to take a picture of as it appeared so innocent.  However, after you switch a bottom on and he grabs an ever so innocent looking contraption inserted into ear it becomes a vacuum!  The squeal of the machine was I think slightly below the pitch of a dog whistle as I could hear it and although he didn't demonstrate if his vacuum could pick up a bowling ball I am certain it could.  I had no idea such a thing existed.

  The corner cleaning of my head did not take too long I was out of there fairly quick and although I don't recommend you going to the ear salon.  I would say the overall experience was not that bad.  This will be penciled in at the bottom of my bucket list and crossed off. Yes!  I think I just heard a dog bark in Alaska!

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