Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I tried it (a daily series)

Dinner from home!!!  I eat out often which isn't a good thing for more than one reason.  I won't even bring up the health reasons or the financial factor.  How about it just makes me lazy to have to cook my own meals.  I have all the daily deals and kids eat free figured out with a plan everyday.  So going to $1 tacos at the local restaurant is soo much easier than making anything at home.  Not to mention I may drag my feet in hopes of going out and now it's late and what can I cook?  Something fast and to the the point.  Out of my pantry and I don't see anything (even though there's food in there).

After some slight pondering I decided chili. Ahh, meatless because I don't have meat. Let me find a recipe so this pot of stuff will have a chili taste not just look like it because I added the beans.  I will make one I have made before with corn in it. I do like that one. Wait no canned corn. Wait I have a handful of frozen corn that will do.  I measure everything else give or take into the pot. STOP no need to make it meatless.  I have hamburg patties. I cook up two of those and crumble them into the chili. (Kudos to me I'm feeling pretty slick. Like I just beat the system of no food)  BUT wait it gets better.

Add some rice so that I hear less grumbling on the lack of food people have consumed.  Wait I'm feeling better about cooking so I am going to throw in some cornbread muffins.  Enter the lovely Internet on making muffins without milk. (Shhh, don't judge- I call it a survival challenge for my older kids to get creative on making their meals.)

So today's meal was:
Chili with corn and meat (hamburg patties)
Dairy-free Cornbread muffins

Recipe recognition:



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