Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fitness plan I

  Although I am not posting my daily meals I am still on the fitness train.  I want to share with you not my specific routine but touch base with making goals, having a focus or plan and some apps to help you along the way.

  You first need to understand going to the gym doesn't mean muscles.  I also want to point out muscles are not just for men.  They have a point and purpose in your body just like bones and blood.  Going to the gym riding a bike for cardio or lifting weights will not make you bulk up.  Cardio helps your heart maintain its health and lifting some weights help your joints.  Everything has a purpose.

  Once you make a plan of action of what you want to get from working out keep this as your mantra!  Print it on pretty paper, laminate it.  Put it above your mirror or on your dresser.  Look at it, say it, use it to defeat your excuses of not working out.  Use this as your motivational crutch.  You may not need the motivation at the beginning but eventually down the road it's bound to happen.  You may stray away from your goals and slipping with an indulgent meal or skipping a workout is fine but don't beat yourself up.  Get back up and train after dinner or the next day.  DON'T fall into the I will workout tomorrow.  Workout today and everyday. You can take a break a day or two but if you don't plan your days off you may get into a downward spiral of missing multiple days.

  Good luck to you. You can make changes and take it slow.  You got this!  Make your goals reasonable.  4 lbs, 3 inches.  Work at it seriously.  Devote your time to this goal faithfully and in 2 weeks you will see results!

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