Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boy vs. Girls

  I have one older brother.  That is all and I'm sure growing up I thought that was plenty.  I myself have 4 children.  3 girls and 1 boy.

The boy is bringing up the rear as the youngest and is providing us with more excitement and entertainment as everything he does is completely opposite.   However what's a boy to do in a dominate girl house?  Adapt and overcome.  I think it's a win and lose battle.  I'm not sure if it would be the same way if he was older and they were all younger but this is his journey.

  It's funny the things you take for granted when you previously have taken care of girls.  You gravitate towards the pinks and yellows.  You check out all the latest dolls and accessories.  You even are memorized with clothes, shoes, purses and hats for miniature women.  But, when you have a boy things slow down almost coming to a complete stop.  Browns, blues hmm ok.  Trousers, button up shirts and ties.  The hats are cute but my little man is non compliant.  Depending on your preference the toys are not as friendly and inviting to rush off to the store and buy.  Games are universal for the most part and I don't care what color your legos are they are good to go for everyone.  What happens when you dress up though?

  Dressing up always means he's the baby because he's the youngest?   His sisters have not dressed in their dresses, dare I say yet; but, I do have plenty of other costumes for him like magician, doctor and chef.  So he may be safe.

  Today I was retouching nail polish on his sisters and he wanted his nails done.  I have told him no in the past.  Directed him to another activity and told him girls only paint their nails.  Not today!  I had spoke with my mom before and said how he liked it.  I have so many colors and would love to go to school and add the professional nail tech as a skill to my wall of accomplishments and thought it would be nice if if I could twist the nail polish as acceptable for either gender.
  Think about it.  It doesn't have to be the bright colors.  It could be browns, green, black and dark colors.  Camouflage nail design, super heroes, truck or ball decals?  Why not?  It doesn't need to be pink cotton candy, rainbows and glitter.  This seems like a easy area to convert into a friendly zone.

  I have started this quest today!  I thought long and hard of what I was going to do and settled on a easy design.  Before I start on the more intricate designs I will brace my husband for what I am about to do to the boy.  I think all ideas should portray something the outside world could interpret and that isn't too offensive or makes you think it is too feminine.

   I feel compelled to point out how did we cross into men and women wearing earrings?  I'm sure it wasn't immediately accepted?  Lol, it probably still isn't but is still going on.    My son does have long hair that this mom will cut one day prior to her therapy appt but he doesn't have his ears pierced.   I'm not quite ok with that yet.  But he's so cute with his hair.  It has these nice long curls in the back.  He likes to shake his head and have it fall in his face.  I do hate that he's called a girl despite what he's dressed in but I always politely correct people.
  So since I have drawn this out long enough; behold my son's first nail design!  This design is not copyright so feel free to use it.

He was fine with just one nail painted.  He was happy with the image.  He got to pick out the color.  If baby boy is happy momma is happy!  Now to see what else I can come up with!

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  1. Great read! I feel you. I was the oldest of 4, 3 girls and the youngest being a boy, my baby I certainly see where he had pre-existing influence and was outnumbered with dolls, hair, painted nails and pink! And I appreciate how you want to put a more "boy" spin on things typically considered girlie... At the end of the day we do just want happy healthy babies... but I'm still not purchasing him pink sneakers..not yet anyway!