Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Emeril dish for dinner

  Ok, so here it is Emeril told Martha and Martha told me.  So I now present to you a pasta dish for dinner.  Used from leftovers from the other day (sausage from the Zuppa Tuscana)  I made a dish from the stars.  It's kind of neat to have your name in the title of your recipe.  I think I will start that tradition when I make my own recipes! Rose's rice, Rose's oatmeal #1, Rose's oatmeal #2 (inside joke you regular readers know I like oatmeal here)

  Emeril's Rigatoni with Broccoli and Sausage was our dinner for the night.  With a few tweaks it came out well and everyone once again liked it.  I didn't have the rigatoni and used a different pasta but I will use the rigatoni next time for the full effect.

  My least favorite part of this dish was removing the casings of the sausage.  I hate holding the sausage and then just squeezing out the guts is just gross to me.  But I do like the flavor more, and beats fitting to cut it into pieces!

  I whipped up the sauce while the meat cooked and the noodles boiled.  This meal really was quite simple.  I didn't have the anchovies either and I did see mentioned somewhere that says you shouldn't skip them but I once again will make this dish again and make it right the first time.  I also skipped the lemon zest as my lemon was looking a little less than desirable.  So I guess I deviated from the recipe alot.

  Overall I would say this recipe was a success. Everyone went up for seconds and we know that could mean anything.  I suppose I could have added something else to it.  I would hate to add bread to it since it already had the pasta.  Maybe some kind of side salad would help as a space filler.

The finished result looked like the picture that's always a good sign you did something right.  Although fresh Parmesan would have been way better than the substitute.
Recipe credit goes to: emerils-rigatoni-broccoli-and-sausage

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