Sunday, September 13, 2015


  A few weeks ago my family went camping.  We choose a Jellystone theme camping resort.
 I had went to them as a child and we have previously took the kids to one before.  It's an all around good time for families.  The whole environment is centered around family and fun.

  For this camp ground we drove a few hours away.  To Natural Bridge area we went on the other side of Virginia. Nothing like getting the whole camping experience with a drive and nothing but mountains and wilderness around you.  I took note of how flat the area is that we come from and appreciated the views we saw on the way.

  We pitched our tent quickly as my husband had arranged a tube ride for a child and myself.  He thought I would do better with my youngest daughter so off we went.  On a 4 mile tube ride down the James River that took me 3 hours roped to my daughters tube.  On our adventure we had catergory 1 rapids (that was enough), turtles, birds, ducks, geese and bugs.  Those were what I was lucky enough to see.  Let's not discuss what was in the water unnoticeable.

I didn't take my phone for pictures for fear It would get dropped, lost or wet.  So the only pictures I have are of when my husband went the next day with the other girls.  I managed to stay dry and noone flipped but I did sustain an injury at the end of the ride when I was trying to get out.  This was not my favorite thing to do but can not mark it off my bucket list for sure.

  We spent our days being the classic camper.  We made a campfire.  Roasted  hamburgers and hotdogs.  Even made some popcorn.
 The kids jumped on the bouncing pillow,
swam in the pool.  They had crafts daily, and of course meet and greet with the infamous bears.

 The adults were not ignored this week we were provided with a bluegrass band, BBQ cookoff and an ice cream social along with the kids!

    Everyone had a great time and we actually can't wait to go again.  Nothing bad to say about this campground.  All the staff that we ran into over the weekend we're very friendly and helpful to us.  Speaking to us or the children.  Inquiring if we were enjoying ourselves and directing us to any upcoming activities.  What little areas of trouble we had were quickly fixed.

Thank you Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy and staff we will see you guys again!  Thank you for helping us create some great memories.

Check out this campground here:

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