Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Semi-hot breakfast

  I love breakfast.  It's not that I love mornings it may actually be that I love food.  But I also love to cook/bake.  Therefore in my house breakfast is more than just a bowl of cereal everyday.   In fact we have a bowl of cereal maybe twice a week.  Once on a lazy weekend day and another during the week sometime.

  This morning we had banana muffins.  I buy alot of bananas and we seem to speed eat them randomly.  So one week I run out of them the next week they are left to spoil.  Well everyone knows that almost spoiled bananas are the best to bake with so that's where some went that I threw in the refrigerator last week.

  This recipe was an easy yet delicious recipe.  I have made this recipe before which is not a bad thing and they are good but, I will look for another now.  This recipe is great to whip up if your minus a few staple items.  This recipe doesn't use milk!  However it does take eggs and yogurt.

  I even used my awesome butter sample from bzzagent.  Which oh the smell of melted butter is a good thing too!  Thank you Land O' Lakes european-style-super-premium butter.

  The prep of these muffins were quicker than the 20 minutes of cook time.  So whip these up for a nice warm breakfast, sit back read a chapter then indulge!  Your family will thank you.  I did cut back on the sugar and didn't even use all the required bananas and everything turned out fine.

Recipe credit goes to:  banana-bread-muffins

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