Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Share The Duties Reduce The Stress

  I am slowly learning to share the chores.  I guess some would call it delegate but sharing sounds so much nice.  I have accepted that sharing the load helps my children in many areas of their future.  If they do not learn now and with me then when and where will they learn?  One day and be it sooner or later they will have to keep their home organized and slightly clean.  They will need to learn to keep their dishes clean for sanitary reasons and cooking will be so much better if they are able to make a variety of items. 

  My kids have different chores not necessarily based on their age and abilities but based on the need and their capabilities.  I must note that my younger ones are much more eager to complete a job probably no surprise there but I do try to utilize their eagerness to keep that excitement going.  Maybe they will continue to be people pleasers unlike their older siblings whom find it harder to be a people pleaser.  My older ones have more chores and some are daily and some just on the weekends.  It is amazing to me to see how full their schedule is or how full their mental capacity is not allowing their brains to remember what they are supposed to do.  It is funny sometimes when I remind an older child to feed the dog one of the babies step up and to feed him first; even getting mad at the threat of them heading that way to complete the job.    I am in awe and complete admiration at the little ones desire to help.

  The craving to help out around the house is resulting in the young ones acquiring more chores from the older ones.  The result of this action results in the older ones getting harder chores or more advanced chores.  This circle is helping me because apparently I was too easy on my older kids.  I wasn't challenging them like a good mom/parent should.  Well stay tune sweet innocent, slightly manipulating children  I will help you be more responsible, mature, self sufficient and reliable.  I will teach and show you things you will not learn in school.  I will teach you how to care for your future home, provide for your future family and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.  I will teach you the good and the bad.  Show you the right way and multiple ways to do a variety of things from cooking, cleaning, organizing and everything in between.  That is my job as your parent!

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