Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Virginia Gorge

Do you know several times a year the national parks waive their entrance fee?  They have the dates and parks listed on there website.  Most of the states have a park some states have several to choose from.  You are able to select on parks you are interested in to gain more information about that particular park.  This information will give you their normal entrance fees, daily programs offered,  hours, directions and even if they have camp sites at that location.  I figured out in August that the next free national park day in September was going to be to visit Great Falls National Park.

  The picture at the top of this page was what peaked my interest.  It was a picture of a gorge.  I am from the land of gorges.  Originally from upstate NY I have made the trip to Niagara Falls multiple times as well as visit a very close Letchworth State Park (Grand Canyon of the East).  I guess I was having a case of homesickness.  It was such a magnificent looking park I had to check this out.

  As with any park there are plenty of walking trails.  Your map/guide will help you decide the distance you want to trek as well as the ease of the trail.  (We were not there to hike as I have the "boot".)  However when I do go hiking I weigh my options.  How many more places am I going that day or what did I do before I got there?  How will the children hold up?

Sadly you don't necessarily know the terrain of a trail until you get going on it so I never assume I can take my stroller.  Even if I took the stroller it's just a cheap one and not a rugged jogger.  (That has had a flat for years).  I also have never acquired one of those fancy backpacks so my youngest walks, whines, cries and chugs along slowly. My little man is getting better we are sitting at 1 mile almost comfortably.

  This park is a no trash park.  Which I thought was neat and wondered how that really works out.  This means don't bring anything in or just take it all back out with you.  There are no garbage cans in the whole park.  I did see posts with plastic bags for your personal use but for you to put your trash in and take the bag with you.

  In the park there is a visitor center and two areas of parking fairly close to the gorge area.  We were not able to park closest so that gave us a small walk.  The trail was nice.  It was smooth somewhat even.  I could have maneuvered the stroller through it.  We even crossed over a little bridge!  My kids enjoyed walking and looking at the stream alongside us.

I tried to share some pictures with you an not give you the whole view.  This is one of the best parks I have been too.  We all enjoyed ourselves and I would like to go back.  These pictures give no justice to the beauty of this park.  You really must go experience this for yourself.  Make sure you have your camera and batteries because you will need them.

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