Sunday, September 20, 2015

A productive Saturday

  I don't do something every weekend as much as it saddens me to disclose this information to you.  I wish I did.  The truth is sometimes I don feel like it, I can't find anything free and fun or its just one of those days.  I am however happy to announce it wasn't this weekend.  I do put a lot of work into making a good day happen.  I look at a variety of local places to see what is going on or I have gotten good at finding our own things to do.  The thing is finding our own things to do usually results in repeating something we have already done which is not always fun.

  This weekend my family was able to experience the Touch A Truck event.  I had never been and seen them advertised before but missed it for one reasons or another.  Not this time! Yeah for us.

  As I approached the event I looked at all the trucks and knew my youngest would be happy but there were a couple trucks I would have loved to see that we're not there.  We will seek a private tour of those or atleast a discussion.  I plan on making a special set of worksheets for my son as he has a big appreciation of big trucks and cars.  So we can cover a lot of educational aspects with cars alone and he will be very receptive because he likes them.  Look at all the possibilities: math (counting), colors, sizes, engineering (legos) science (round wheels).

  There were many good things about this event.  No one vehicle was the same.  They covered  a wide variety of transportation areas.  Motorhomes, tractor trailers, a police speed boat, heavy construction equipment, a tow truck and even a jet ski!

  The opportunity to sit the bucket of a electric company was awesome.  They may not understand now but the next time they see it in action they will.  Houses are being constructed down the street; so they see those in action but obviously have never got to sit in the driver seat.

  This was such a great event.  It helped kids imagination just grow bigger!  The possibilities are endless of what they can do, be or drive when they grow up.  It's one thing to see them in action but it just makes it "the best" thing ever to see up close and touch.
  Truly a great experience and I'm glad I finally got to one.

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