Monday, September 28, 2015

Carter Mountain Orchard

  So the smart thing to do when you drive anywhere for 2-3 hours is to use your time wisely.  With that being said after our visit to Monticello I was so excited to find out an apple orchard was literally around the corner.

The part of Virginia I reside in has apples in abundance only in stores so it is an extra special treat to give my kids the opportunity to pick some and learn where they come from and see that in all their glory.  The kids didn't even know the "goodies" that were coming after we worked hard to retrieve the apples.

  Man can I say they worked hard on getting apples but a little harder at climbing down the hill and then back up.  Carter-mountain-orchard is on the top of a mountain.
We climbed this winding road without any clue what awaited us on top but we were all excited to see.  As I got closer to the top I saw beautiful rows of grapes and knew this was going to be a good place we were going.  When you reach the top and even before you get out of the car you can see the apples and the view.  I don't even know what I was more excited about.  The views that stretched for miles or the delicious fruit hanging from the tree.  After all I didn't really come for the apples.

  Let's step back for a moment.  I need to be honest with you.  I am from upstate NY.  I know about country and apples.  That is why it was important for me to give them an apple picking experience.    I went as a child and some experiences are just down right fun and you want to share that with your children even if you live in a large busy suburb almost 3 hours away.  I also know and appreciate a donut washed down with some cider!
  That may have been my real goal.  My kids however loved the apple picking, donut eating and cider drinking all in one.  The were too young to understand the magnitude of the beauty around them but, I did hear this was the best day ever more than once!  Follow us as we make a variety of apple dishes!

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