Monday, September 14, 2015

Breakfast in bed

  So I sat around Sunday morning with little motivation.  But it is a weekend and I don't think too much motivation is needed.  While checking to ensure the online world slept fine I came up with a new chore for my children.  Although afterwards I think my brilliant idea needs a little tweaking.

  I called my 4 yo into the room and placed my breakfast order with her.  OJ, toast, banana, hash, scrambled eggs with cheese and a slice of bacon!  She processed it for a moment left and came back.  I don't know how she does it but her memory is remarkable.  But then again what else does she need to remember.  She went down and voiced my desire for breakfast and her siblings jumped into action.  I called the older one up so she could record the shenanigans of my breakfast on my phone.

  Shortly there after I received my breakfast.  I watched the video while nibbling on it.  That was my first mistake.  I watched the video BEFORE I ate.  What I saw was horrible or atleast close to it.  Lol, mind you the main chef was 13 the camerawomen was 15.  At one moment the youngest spilled his milk in the fridge so they needed to clean that up.  My 4 yo was trying to help as much as she could.

  If nothing else I now know where to train them in kitchen safety.  Some their actions were an accident waiting to happen.  I'm glad nothing major happened.  We will be doing some retraining and maybe I will let them loose again.  My whole point was that they can always make me something.  It doesn't have to be once a year when Mother's Day comes along.  However I am totally excited as they have plenty of time to practice and my Mother's Day meal will be awesome and if they record that it will be a completely healthy and safe event!  To avoid the kitchen inspectors lurking around my house I will not post it and you don't want to see what I let happen while I was mere steps away.  I am confident that we will be able to fix some of the issues!

Be hold my breakfast!

I was only missing the banana!

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