Friday, September 11, 2015

Dinner time

  I love those quick, slightly nutritious meals.  I hate to spend more time in the kitchen then I have too.  I'm not one of those that says I cooked this with my heart or filled the pans with love.  I cook and get out.  Who wants to stand there all day?  I'm not getting paid there really is not point.

  I find some nights harder to motivate myself to cook then others and it's those night that I need meals that I can quickly whip up more than ever.  Meals I can start at around 5 or so and be done and ready to eat after 6.

  Enter soup and even though it's hearty let's make some bread too.  Copy cat Zuppa Tuscana and cornbread.  I have shared the recipe with you before.  This soup is a favorite with most everyone.  Packed with sausage, kale and potatoes.  It may almost be better than Olive Garden because there is more bits in this one than theres.

  I usually think of bread well into the process because mind you I'm already running late and there are no real plans set in place.  So I decide on cornbread.

  I made mistake number 1 of the kitchen.  I did not check all my ingredients.  But never fear Google saves the day.  For this cornbread muffins recipe I needed 5 tsps of baking powder.  Nows the time I tell you I pulled out the can and I only had 2!  I pulled up a baking powder substitute to save the day.

  I like this recipe as it doesn't take milk or eggs.  Your going to dress you muffin up with butter or syrup anyways so if you feel it lacks in flavor you can fluff it up.

  Two muffins were eaten before I tasted them by the resident bread lover.  I did however eat one and I couldn't tell the difference.  However after this save I will be making a new file of substitute saves!  Lol, the other month I saved the homemade mayonnaise, remember?  So I need to keep these as resources not just because they worked or because they saved the day but I may find concoctions that are actually cheaper than the actual missing ingredients.

Do you have any quick fixes or substitutes that you rely on?

Baking soda substitute:

Cornbread muffins (dairy and egg free) cornbread-dairy-free-104814

Copy cat Zuppa Tuscana soup: real-food-copy-cat-zuppa-tuscana-olive-garden-copy-cat/

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