Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lunch by young chef

  Yesterday we sat at the doctors for a suspicious foot problem.  While we were there I always try to entertain them to keep them from being "those kids" and help them pass the time.  I play educational learning games with my oldest and my youngest was busy driving his cars.  Mind you they did bring electronic games but that only lasts for the first few minutes.

  Well we came across a recipe from one of the young Masterchefs in the magazine we were looking at.  I showed her the picture, told her the ingredients, relayed the recipe and we determined it was easy enough to make.  She decided that would be her future lunch.

 Today was that future lunch.

Easy ingredients and easy recipe!

Peanut butter

Chop up bits of apples.  Mix peanut butter and cinnamon.  Add the chopped apples. Blend all ingredients.  Smear mixture to one slice of bread.  Drizzle honey on the other slice of bread.  

Lunch is served.

I apologize as I can not remember who the young chef was nor did I take note of the magazine.  However the ingredients listed above are the right ones (minus the calculations)

Happy Eating!!

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