Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kids workshop

  You know me and my kids workshop.  I put the dates in my calendar and reminders after that.  I remind myself when to sign up all for the children.  I do value a free activity for my kids don't get me wrong but the progress my daughter has made in these just amazes me.

  I can remember taking her a couple years ago and how she would hold a hammer scared me.  Between then and now she has hit a couple of her fingers and mine but the times have decreased drastically within the last year.  I smile as I write that because yesterday I was trying to hold the pieces and was nervous with her holding the hammer.  At the last minute I decided I couldn't hold it, she had to hold it.  One little "oh" was all that came out her mouth while hammering 4 corners together.

  I love that each month I can depend on quality time with her. Scheduled time with her to let her be independent and have fun.  I stand there more now and observe her while she figures out what she needs to do and focus helping her brother (whom loves to hammer the floor ever so loudly while waiting for me to hand him the pieces).

  She is learning to interpret the directions, line up her package and nail by herself.  She may not be able to read the exact directions yet but she can see the parts she needs in step 1 and assemble them.  The workshop not only helps them create something they can play with or use later they are learning as they go.

  English, math and reading all play a part in the construction of the project.  Patience also plays a role with both parent and child.  I refrain from jumping into help her as its good for her to struggle and figure it out.  It's pure excitement when she does figure it out.  She knows her numbers so she can follow the steps.  She decides on how many long or short nails she needs for the particular step shes on and proceeds from there.

  I applaud Home Depot for providing the community with such a fun event.  For giving families an opportunity to share this experience with their children.  The staff assistant that runs our local group is the best fit for this area.  She is friendly and helpful.  It's nice to see her every month.  She knows my kids by name as we have been faithfully going for years now.

  The instructions are pretty clear to understand although I have been known to mess up a project or two due to my own misinterpretation of the directions.  Some projects you have stickers/decals for some you get the privilege of painting and others are plain.  With that being said dad's or mom's can make/assist in these projects with their kids.    Like I stated my daughter can line the pieces up but not necessarily determine the right way or angle accurately.

  After completing your project you get a pin and certificate for all that hard work.  Place that pin on your child's  complimentary apron and snap a picture of their project and certificate.  Good job and try again next month.  We could display shelves of all our projects.  Some so love they are falling apart.

  There is a suggested age range but we have never had a problem.   Check your local store for hours and days of their kids workshops.  Some stores do require advance sign ups.  The projects change monthly and there are special builds such as on Mother's  and Father's Day.  Next month is fire safety! So that's definitely a fire truck!!

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