Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Easy Chili from the Pot

  Yesterday I coordinated two meals for dinner.  I didn't prepare them both at the same time but I planned a day ahead.   While I was in the cupboard grabbing a can of tunafish and can of cream of mushroom soup I surveyed the cans for chili!

  Jumped on pinterest to see if I could easily dress up the tuna noodle casserole and decided no and just like always got distracted with everything else on pinterest and found myself looking up chili recipes.  Funny thing with chili and I is.  I swear I probably only make one kind several times (that's with corn) all the other times I make a new chili.  I saw one last night with chick peas; haven't tried that before.

So behold tonight's chili.  3 variety of beans and some spices in this chili.  Plus this was a meatless chili which I do alot.  Not because it saves money but you know what sometimes meat is just overrated.  Noone ever died from skipping a meat meal.

  The ingredients were thrown in the crock pot and you know the rest is history! Set it and forget it.  I was running around all day so I threw this in the crockpot at 2 on high to have it heat up and blend until 6.

  Proudly there were several trips to get more.  Maybe because they were not filled up due to the lack if meat or it was good.  I was pleased with it too.  I really need to break into making my own recipes so I can stand taller and prouder when my family likes the meals.  Likes the meals that I actually made up myself.
Proof is in the leftovers (although I did only use one can of each ingredient).  Funny how I am trying to grasp the concept of cooking more for my large family.  The two little ones don't count but on the flip side two individuals eat a lot.

Recipe credit goes to: http://lovelyolivia.tumblr.com/post/58916742376/so-now-that-im-24-days-away-in-theory-from

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