Friday, September 11, 2015

First week of school

  I homeschool!  It may not be official but that doesn't stop me.  I have been teaching my daughter for the past 3 years.  This year due to her birthday being a week late she is granted another year of school with mom.

  You may think 2 years old is too young to start teaching your child and for some children yes it is.  For mine not so much.  I can remember when we started I had opened a whole new world for her and she loved it.  She asked for school at night on the weekends and any time she was actually bored.

  We went through all the important points like: abc's, numbers, shapes and colors.  We cut and colored.  We glued and taped.  We made crafts, went on field trips and explored our neighborhood.  We talked about everything and anything.  I printed off papers from various fellow homeschool sites and professional teaching moms.  I even used good old pinterest!

  I am proud to say that just about 3 years later she has learned an enormous amount and I sit back proudly and say I did that.  This year we are working on small areas that she may not quite understand and will work in some serious areas like: time telling, math, writing and reading.  For some fun we will add music, a foreign language and maybe some typing.

  The thing with her this year is she's consistent.  We just started this week and she has still asked for school in the evening or more school after I am finished teaching.  I'm so proud of her and hope this attitude will continue.

  As I juggle two kids this year.  I am still finding what works for me as.  Sometimes they are both distracted by what I am telling the other but it's got to work itself out, right?  My son knows a surprising amount of things despite my not directly teaching him so as soon as I figure out how to teach them both things may go very smoothly.
  This journey with my kids has been a great pleasure and I'm happy I had the opportunity to have it.  This year I will not say I am seasoned (I don't know how many years maybe graduation) However I am getting more creative at how I am teaching her and what I'm using to help reinforce what we are learning.  This momma is evolving with her children!

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