Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Without a purpose

  It is harder than you think or the easiest choice you can make.  We all function as humans on a different level.  Some are worker bees and others like a lazy boy like a glass of wine.

  I am a stay at home mom with a HUGE desire to work from home, stay at home and still "try" to manage it all.  However currently my work consists of managing a few groups online, this blog and my family but, I'm not letting that get me down.  I would like to think of it as training.

  In all that I do or lack of what I do there is a purpose and whether it makes an impact today or 3 years from now it may have ultimately come from me! That in itself makes me happy and satisfied.

  Sometimes I get down on myself because I feel I am not accomplishing what I could or should be but being unclear of the "real" plan of my life is the result of all this.  Was I supposed to do ..... should I have done..... I don't know.

  However, what I do know is that I am entitled to keep doing what I enjoy.  Somethings I need to keep doing like feed the kids, water the dog, kill the plants and keep the house under the hoarding level.  All of these areas I excel at and hope to branch out into the world to share my abilities with others.

Moral of the story keep doing what your doing and eventually the real reasons will become clear.

Stay tune for part 2 of this story I need a vacation .

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