Friday, August 7, 2015

Daycations $4 8 hours of entertainment

Newport News, VA was explored by two peeps and myself.  Again we started our day out with a movie.  The paragon theaters
 show movies during the summer for free.  We had visited here last year and loved it.  Have you been?  Leather reclining seats
 for your comfort and a self serve butter
stop for your popcorn enjoyment!  This is without a doubt my favorite way to enjoy watching movies.  We watched Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb.  As I write that I smile; I have watched this particular movie like 5 times I love the monkey and Pompeii scene.

  We packed our lunch this time which like I stated before definitely makes for a budget friendly day.  We walked around the friendly, businesses in the Oyster Point area and settled along the water for our lunch.
 I always make everything into a learning point. It was such a clean area because as I told them everyone threw out their trash.  If we left our trash out the area would look bad and the wildlife
might eat it.  This sunk in because when we were done eating she actually picked up a piece of garbage she saw on the ground and took care of it.

  We did indulge on some ice cream after our lunch at MaggieMoo's.  There was a sign posted for a special $1.99 kids special available after a movie.
The kids each got 1 scoop of ice cream and a topping.  This was a nice break in the air conditioning before we started back on our journey for the day.

  Our next stop was at peninsula spca.  I had visited here a long time ago and decided to share it with the little ones.  I am not in the market for a new animal at the moment but if I were I would look into a shelter first.  I did consider their smaller critters.  Gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs however.  I brought my kids here and we did discuss why the animals were there and the concept of how much love, and "goodies/supplies" they need there until they find a nice family to live with.  My sole purpose of this visit was to show them the petting zoo.  The cost of this is $2.  You are also able to purchase feed for the animals but, I'm not one to encourage sticking food in your hand and letting an animal eat from it.  The zoo was not as big as I recall but should satisfy small ones you are trying to entertain.  There were goats,
chickens, llamas to name a few and a leopard.  That day he was sleeping it would have been nice to see him walking around.

  Lastly was our daily dose of cardio!  I had planned to do another boat ride and was so excited for a new location and surroundings to explore.  We headed over to the mariners museum. We made a pit stop at Sonics to replenish for the upcoming activities.  Everyday 2-5 (at least in my area) is happy hour.  Happy hour allows us to get drinks and slushes half off.  Today was a good day to get slushes!  We were not able to take a boat out and instead took advantage of the trail they had around Lake Maury.  All 5 miles of it!

The 3 official stops minus popcorn, sonics and icecream cost us $4 for the petting zoo.

Go explore Newport News there are lots of things to do and see.  Plenty of free or low cost activities.  Fun for the entire family. Whether you like animals, nature or are looking for something to do inside Newport News is your place.  We will get back over there soon.

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