Friday, August 7, 2015

Mariners Museum Exploration (Daycation)

Mariners Museum has as plenty of grounds to explore as well as a lake to explore.  I had planned our trip to involve a boat trip but was not able to due to their boat rental schedule.  Their boat schedule ended the weekend prior.  The museum's boat rental schedule runs from April-July.  Due to the heat during the summer they do not rent boats out for the safety of their customers.  I am sure I can't possibly be the only one bopping by to rent in July or even later in the year like October.  A nice boat ride on the lake to see the leaves changing.  Maybe they offer specials later in the year; I will have to keep an eye on that.  For now I will just explore other areas until next year.

  In lue of the boat ride we took a hike.  We got some great shots and had lots of time to talk about everything and anything on our hike.  My 4 yo is great on a hike. She just chugs along but, the 2 yo gets a little whiny and so he gets a free ride most of the hike duration.

  We have taken a lot of hikes this year.  We have visited a lot of state parks.  Not all trails are created equal.  Some have been covered in gravel and some more earthy and natural.  This trail is definitely not stroller friendly maybe you could swing a jogger stroller but it may be tricky as well.
  This trail was great. There were little overlooks, bridges, turns, twists hills going up and hills going down.  There was never a dull moment.  A walk around a lake is always different with every view.  You can always get a great photo of water.  Between the trees, water with the trees surrounding it.  I enjoy nature with water in it.
You know what's funny at the end of the trail (depending on the direction you went) we got an extra dose of excitement and motivation when we saw the Lion's Gate.  That was a neat site to see.  My camera (phone) was dieing so we drove back around to get pictures of it.

  Check this place out.  Walk the trails and explore this great lake.  My daughter and I may come back (minus little man) maybe we can beat our last record.   My last post I mentioned we had stopped at Sonics.  That Sonics was the best drink ever after that "little" trip!  

  The mosquitoes were actually not that bad either.  We heard them buzzing in our ears but we got around the lake without any bites.  However definitely bring your bug spray, water, a camera and wear your sneakers!

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