Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's A Boy!

  I am a mom to 4 kids. 3 girls and my last child was a boy.  I can honestly say I always wanted a girl. Maybe I was selfish but having a boy was never a consideration.  However after I had one I am pleased and entertained with him all the time.  I would never change a bit about him but I wish he didn't have to live such an action packed life.  Everyday he's playing the role of a stunt man, superhero, explorer, a lover or a fighter.  All roles change throughout the day and even when he wakes up you never know what he's going to start out as.

 Maybe I appreciate his roles more as he is my last so I'm in tune with all the variety he brings to the table or as I tell myself it's because he is a boy.  Every burp or passing of gas that he passes and finds hilarious has to be because he is a boy too.  As I am sure my girls passed gas and belched but we're not so entertained by this.  He is so very pleased with the size of poo he produces to.  I'm a big boy mom, I'm a good boy, look at my big poop! Yes, honey ahhh good job!  What else can I say. I have to be encouraging.

  He does lack in self esteem or this is where the mommy attachment starts.  On a regular basis I hear "I can't.  He makes this statement throughout the day for various expectations I have of him.  Even if he out on his shoes 2 hours ago he can't do it now.
Oddly, when he does put his shoes on he is at a 95% accuracy rate for putting them on the right feet.  I am still reminding the 4 year old to switch her shoes around.
He helps me practice patience everyday.  As he will be 3 the end of November he needs to learn some skills and be independent in some areas.  I by no means want him to grow up quicker than he needs to but I do require that he helps out a little in the learning process.  Brushing his hair and teeth are not my favorite past times with him.  Brushing his hair is a war.  He will let me spray it but tries to run if you attempt or even look like you are going to attempt to comb it.  He does have curls at the end of his hair they may get tangled sometimes but if I don't comb it at all those tangles will be dangerous.  So neither of us smile during this ordeal.  He can brush his own teeth. He's a big boy, his words for this not mine.  He does play with me during this.  Sometimes he has to be so thorough (which isn't a problem if he was really brushing).  I step back and let him do his thing. Patience.  I just alternate with him.  Sometimes he brushes first other times I brush first.  This seems to work for us right now. So less tears equals a point for each of us.
Last area I need to allow him freedom and patience for me is buckling his seatbelt.  I took his lead in this situation; he told me he can buckle his own seat belt.  Well this is partly true.  But, if I did it when I'm getting him in the seat after I open his door for him anyways it would go so much faster.  Patience young grasshopper.
  He is only 2 and I by no means am rushing it.  I am happy to take one day at a time but I just have no patience for some of these milestones or learning steps.  We will be starting preschool at home this year and I look forward to teaching and sharing his learning progress time together.  He is always learning at his age everyday activities and fundamentals.  No matter what is will be fun along the way and never a dull moment.
  I take it back I always wanted a little boy I just never knew it.  I am happy, pleased and satisfied everyday I get the privilege of spending time with him and watching him grow.  I love how he is completely opposite than my girls.  He brings me joy, sadness and frustration but he is learning and teaching me just like I am learning and teaching him.  We will do this thing called life together.

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