Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 25!!! Almost done with 30 days

  I want to start out with I'm soo glad this is over.  Everyday is a challenge.  Not because it's hard to make healthy choices because that is getting easier than it used to be but because I consciously think about my meals. At breakfast I'm wondering about what I'm going to do about lunch.  Regardless of whether I have healthy food on hand or already made food on hand.  I'm so absorbed on trying to do the right thing.

  Well today I had a great workout.  Normally I workout but on cardio machines it's a half hour or 2 machines for 45 minutes. Today I hung out with a machine for an hour! Let me tell you I feel so awesome when I have pushed through an hour on a machine.  I have only done it twice but I need to do it more often.  I feel so accomplished when I look over the numbers of distance and calories.

Breakfast: yogurt, granola and fruit
Lunch: leftover salad with carrots and grapes
Dinner: olive garden 1/2 of all my dish with Water!!!
Water 75 oz
Workout 1 hour on elliptical, weights, abs

I have had two bowls of this new granola I picked up and I was so happy with it. It's delicious but read the ingredients today after breakfast only to have found sugar in the ingredients twice and an olgifructose ingredient.  Not a good sign.  So I will be officially concocting my own recipe based on the healthy ingredients in this granola.

  Tonight's dinner was obviously my cheat meal but I happily only ate half of it and my biggest feat was not washing it all down with a sweet tea.  I drank three glasses of water with my meal and had two bowls of salad!

  As I wrap up on this challenge.  I am going to continue with padding on recipes and posting workouts.  On twitter I do post some motivation as well as workouts.  My goal is to help if you want, need or are looking for it.

  As always thanks for following my journey.

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