Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A little pamper for the 4 year old

  My youngest daughter is 4 but that doesn't stop her from trying to do, play, see or participate in what her older sisters or I are doing.  Recently we took a long hike (haven't posted that yet) and instead of a detour to the car for our sneakers we humped it in our flip flops.

 I let baby girl know I would pamper her feet when we got home.  How much of that she understood I don't know but after the whole ordeal was over she thought this was a pretty good deal.

She was instructed to sit her feet in the foot spa.  She sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed them on the various components and enjoyed the heat and bubbles.  I didn't have to even tell her to sit still or keep her feet in the foot spa.  She sat right there and enjoyed herself.

  I even threw in a mud mask for her salon experience.  Next time maybe I will add the cucumbers!

After her feet had marinated and felt much better I gave them a massaged with some of her favorite smelling lotion.  She liked that!  She knows a good thing when she gets one.  I took this time to let her know in her very far future her husband may rub her feet after a hard days work.  She considered that and I think was not to interested in the future as she was about the present.  I find this surprising as she already knows whom she wants to marry (Justin Bieber) and will randomly let me know she wants her marriage at the place we are at or with flowers over there.  

After her foot massage she got to choose her nail colors! Isn't that what they do at the real salons?  She decided that 10 colors was enough.  One color for each toe and each finger.  Nothing like adding some tedious work to a fun filled night.  She likes to get her nails done. Usually I paint them when she's napping so she got the benefit of picking her colors, watching it applied and patiently waiting for it to dry.

  Our time spent together was nice.  She was the sole center of attention and I was focused on her for once.  Although I spend all day with her we have her younger brother with us as well.  She enjoyed her quality undivided time with her mom too.  She even wanted to return the favor by painting my nails but I declined her offer for now.

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