Monday, August 10, 2015

Then there were 6

  I am staying on track 1 day left I will post that later but I wanted to post off topic.  I am looking forward to posting more variety after my healthy challenge is over.  I have a few more daycations on a budget to share with you and 3 more state parks under my belt.

  There has been a shift in my home that takes a little adjusting to.  My family of four has grown by 2.
 I have two older daughters that visit their father in June til August  and they are back.  As happy as you are to have all your family under one roof and watchful eyes it's so hard for everyone to adjust too.  You don't just pick up where you left off.  Everyone is affected when my older girls come home including them.

  My youngest daughter at 4 now understands when they go it's for awhile and they do come back.  Her older sisters have taken up speaking to her while they are gone and also write her mail.  She appreciates that and looks forward to it.  My youngest at 2 doesn't understand quite yet. He sees them leave and realizes they are not with us but I think out of sight out of mind after a few days.  I myself find the house more manageable with 2 less teenagers and sometimes slightly quieter.
 My husband I think sees the same thing but being a stepfather sees it different in that he may see it as a break for me and the stress we have as a family of 6 and some relief of not having to be so harsh for respect and discipline purposes with the other two.  They both have to adjust when they come home as I do have more rules, different rules or just rules in general.  Sleep patterns need to be tweaked both to go to sleep and wake up.  Even eating patterns have shifted.  There are more options and an opinion there and at my home dinner is served.

  So stay tune for more family focused stories.  How we manage or juggle daily life.  How we spend money, plan, prepare and eat meals, chores, travel and all the frustration and excitement that come with it.

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