Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 24 of 30

  I am still hear just haven't posted any pictures or updated you.  I apologize for leaving you hanging.  I am still hanging in there.  It is the last week.  The weekend gets hectic to post and by the time I eat dinner sometimes (I eat past the universal 5-6 time frame) I hang out, go to sleep and go about my business.

  You haven't missed anything.  I have eaten salad for lunch and dinners. Nothing fancy except young chef made dressing from her cookbook.  She loved it and even though I used regular oil versus olive oil it actually wasn't that bad.

  I am having another salad tonight and will post my 3 meals today and get back to posting.  Yesterday was nothing spectacular as if any of them were.

Tuesday: day 23
Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: bowl of fruit
Dinner: salad with chick peas and carrots
75 oz water
Workout: 33 minutes elliptical, abs, weights

Monday: day 22
Breakfast: cinnamon oatmeal
Lunch: salad
Dinner: Chick fil a grilled chicken sandwich no bun with fries and sweet tea
Water 75 oz
Workout 1.95 mile walk

Don't let my lack of posting set your motivation stop if you are considering a new healthier move.  I am still watching what I eat, eating in moderation and working out!

  Any questions or comments are always appreciated.  Dinner tonight is a salad but it's take out (I'm sooo excited!!!!)

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