Thursday, August 13, 2015

Finale to Healthy challenge

  I have lost track to update you on my finale to the 30 day healthy challenge.  I had an increase to my household which distracted my blog focus on sitting down for the post.  So I will make this post short and sweet.  No food pictures no boring meal by meal plans.

  I finished the days off the same way I started.  Hard, focused and with motivation.  No point of finishing off the challenge even if it was 2 days with not a care in the world.  So I still ate in moderation, made healthy choices and worked out to the same level of intensity that I had been.

  I do not have the numbers from the starting point and ending point.  However I can see the results and almost don't even need to dwell on inches lost.  If you can actually see them as I posted the fitting of my daughter's pants.   That is definitely an obvious indicator.

  I did keep track of the pounds lost.  At one point I had lost about 6lbs.  After that the scale went back and forth.  Ending at a 4 lb weight loss overall for the 30 days.  Not a lot but I gained and toned muscle so I have to accept that.  The muscle mass that I have gained would have also manipulated the inches reading so I will be ok without it.

  I debated sharing pictures with you and decided why not.  I shared the food, the exercises and some recipes I might as well show you and before and after.
Lol, I feel like putting one of those disclaimers at the bottom that individual results may vary.  Thank you for your support, motivation and encouragement on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I will continue to work on some tweaking goals I have.  I look forward to seeing what else may happen .  This by no means will be easy. The first 30 days was not easy.  I will always have to adhere to a high discipline to maintain my sweet tooth, junk food and over indulging cravings.  I may splurge on some soda, cheesecake, cheesefries and breadsticks to name a few.

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