Friday, August 21, 2015

A day at our own beach

  Yeah, that's how we roll. Our own beach, not our own beach house.  Except really we were just merely borrowing it for a few hours.  Today I realized several things while I hung out with my family today.

  Number 1: I really enjoy the water and the beach.  The sounds of waves, the random lost seagull. I even heard a distance cargo ship honking.  The sky was a light blue with clouds sprinkled across it.  So many, many varieties and colors of shells.  Even the smell of water and fresh air was enjoyable.  Makes me wonder what does the air smell like at home?  I don't enjoy it as much there. I cant quite describe it but it's not as refreshing nor appreciated like ocean/bay/river air.

Number 2:  My kids really enjoy a good day at the beach too.  Even if it means a small hike to it and then another undetermined amount of time to find the perfect spot to only merely put our towels down.  The water was the same 10 minutes ago down the beach but we still walked about another half hour on.  My oldest decided on a spot that the younger ones didn't undestand why it had to be so far.  The beach comes in tied with a good day at the playground.  So as soon as we hit the sand if they are not getting down and dirty we are wasting valuable time.

Number 3: A day out doesn't always have to cost anything.  We did go bowling and had lunch today prior to the beach but adding more to the day just makes it better.  My two older ones were just as thrilled at all the beach they saw.  There's to explore.  They were content to play with each other and show each other a new she'll or creature.  Telling the little ones names of things they found.  They were so happy, carefree and genuinely having fun.

Number 4:  I am lucky to have this as my office today.  I would love to work from home and have the freedom to travel, see the world and share the world.  Not necessarily to play by my own rules but to have the option to plant myself anywhere home, beach or park to conduct my business.  I do currently have the freedom to enjoy my children on a all day basis so I will just hold on to that for now.

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