Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 24 of 30 healthy challenge

  I'm back as promised.  I finished off my day with healthy takeout.  I like to cook/bake but love to eat out.  So eating out and being able to combine it with healthy eating makes it a win win.  I hope I can maintain self control when this challenge is over and make better choices when I do eat out.  I by no means will skip my cannolis, a slice of cheesecake, cheesefries or sweet tea.  I will however maintain discipline and eat in moderation.  I don't need to eat all of it in one sitting.  You may ask how it is I can do that.  Outback! Appetizer would be cheesefries, and dessert would be cheesecake all washed down with several glasses of sweet tea.  Another local restaurant I would get cheesefries as an appetizer and dessert would be a cannoli all again washed down with sweet tea.  I don't need to skip my favorites; I just don't need to over do it either.

I had a great day. Workout and meals!

Breakfast: banana and oj
Lunch: yogurt with granola and fruit
Dinner: salad from Chipotle!!!
Water 75 oz
Workout: weights

My salad from Chipotle tonight had all the fixings minus shredded cheese and sour cream. This is the second time I have eaten this salad. I am loving it!!

I used my Buy One Get One Free coupon. The other meal went to my husband.  It makes me smile knowing he ate healthy and I don't think he really knows it.

I have added the coupon on the site! Help yourself everyone!!

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