Tuesday, June 9, 2015

State park challenge

 We are a family on the go and the summer is finally here.  After a long winter we are keeping it moving (maybe making up for lost time).  We have a few memberships to local areas which we take full advantage of and definitely get our money's worth.  However we haven't visited our local state parks in awhile.  We used to have a pass but are now on a mission to explore them and earn an annual pass this year!


Visit 5 local parks by the end of the month and you will receive an annual parks passport plus parking.  We have started this challenge late but are going to catch up quickly!   I am looking forward to this challenge for many reasons.  I have actually only visited 2 of our 36 state parks!! Each park visit is going to give us a new places to explore, sights to see, trails to walk, fish to catch and maybe a sunset.

York River State Park located in Hampton Roads was our first 2015 park visit. This was a beautiful park. Wilderness and beach all in one!

I enjoy Virginia. We plan on visiting again to check out some events.  However on this visit we spent it celebrating free fishing weekend.  Children can fish under 15 without a license in either fresh or saltwater.  Everyone fished and worms were essential.

We were able to explore the  beach, observe nature and catch a sunset.

We left at dusk which lead for a quiet ride home but I do believe their was excitement amongst the exhaustion.  
1 state park down 4 to go!  I am already looking at all our other choices.  I can't wait to explore stay tune!

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