Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What is in your wallet? Membership cards part 2

  Continuing on my series of what's in your wallet.  My second card is almost as loved as my first card with the Botanical Gardens.  This is my card to the Norfolk virginiazoo.

This card was the second year of a 2 year subscription.  Again with all these membership cards come perks that are only privy to the members.  The zoo offers special discounts throughout the park to include the gift shop, and restaurant.  Another zoo perk is early or extended admission.  Special night programs after the zoo is closed are a great benefit.  Summer camps or school holiday camps are offered at a discount to members as well.  They also have a special story and an animal hour not just for members that my daughter loved she had her first up close encounter with an

  We hold a family plus one visit to this establishment.  Meaning we can bring our entire family plus an additional person.  This is great for when an out of town visitor is with us.  It is good for anyone and not any particular one.  From grandma to cousin or even a friend of one of the children. (One friend is plenty since I have 4 kids I can't imagine everyone taking someone).

  This zoo has several areas to explore.  There is the nocturnal area where you may catch sight of a sloth or porcupine.  The reptiles building where the snakes

 are slithering on an unlucky day.  I prefer to see them just laying around and less active.  Outside areas are spread out where you travel to areas such as Asia to see a tiger

or to spy an Ostrich
 in Africa.

  Pick up a token for the train that takes you around the grounds and through a tunnel for an exciting time!

  There is a lot of information on the website and from several visits and the ever lovely pinterest.  I made up several different scavenger hunts for my youngest to do throughout the park.  She enjoyed the zoo more that day as she was able to check things off.

  I printed off hunts for finding different colors,  keeping track of quantities such as 1 fire hydrant, 2 flowers, 3 camels.  There was one for animals and it was still fun even if all the animals were not at our zoo.

  As I stated with my gardens pass I have gotten so much more from this membership well past the price of the pass.  This is another membership that just keeps on giving.  Check out your zoo and see what kind of rates they have and then think about it.  You have all year to use, throughout the seasons and the learning that comes from a visit regardless of the ages. 

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