Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's in your wallet? Membership cards part 1

  I have lived in this area for a few years now and each year I think I appreciate it more, learn a little more about it and see more then the previous year.  A good way to watch the ever changing environment is in a controlled  environment.  I have acquired several memberships and utilize all of them even well above the "pays for itself" concept.  I currently have 3 memberships right now and am about to get another!

 The first membership I got was the Botanical Gardens.

 I have renewed this one and have even gotten it for two years versus one year on some occasions.  I enjoy this membership the most as you get to see the flowers, bushes and trees in every season.  The rose gardens bloom twice a year.
Hibiscus,  Azaleas, Cherry Blossoms, Dogwoods, Crepe Myrtles. The garden is in abundance of all things that grow.
This garden also has a small area for bonsai and a hot house featuring some exotic varieties and orchids.

They have a great children's section. 

 World Of Wonders is an area they encourage and inspire children to explore their surroundings.  An A-Z of plants, different  regions represented,  little houses to play in, water to splash in and different activities to include scavenger hunts.  They also offer summer camps and a variety of learning programs. P.S. they have a yurt and offer great birthday parties.

One event I am glad that was brought back is their butterfly house.  You walk into this large screened house and are greeted by several different fluttering beauties. 

 If you look closely you are able to see all stages of the life cycle.  The are a couple very well informed staff members on hand to answer any questions and to give you tips on growing your own. 

Winter time things do not slow down. There are actually still things that are not brown and in hibernation. Camellias are in bloom to name one!  The garden offers a great light show as you drive through the Garden of Lights a million twinkling lights featuring scenes and beautiful colored patterns.

  There is even a Polar Express.

The gardens offers a variety of programs throughout the year.  Members receive a newsletter announcing upcoming events and activities.  A discount is given to members and you get first options for some events.   

Walking is only one option to tour the gardens. A tram with frequent stops or a boat ride to enjoy another view of the garden. They also have bike nights three days a week for the family to ride their bikes throughout the park.

So as you can see the gardens offers something for everyone all year.  Check out your local gardens and see what they have to offer.  My garden offers reciprocity which means I can go to other gardens free or at a discount as well as receive a discount for shopping in the gift shop.

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