Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kids workshop

Free event for children under 12! Lowe's and Home Depot offer children's workshops in most areas.  Today I wanted to showcase these family friendly events.  I have been taking my youngest daughter for years and it's amazing how much better she is getting.  These workshops are helping her in more ways than just the basic assembly.  She's learning new skills, patience, reading, math and having fun along the way.

Home Depot projects are the first Saturday of the month start time is 9.  You are suggested to register online to provide them with a headcount.  Lowe's is the second Saturday of the month and you NEED to register the 2nd Monday before the event.  Lowes start time is 10 am and will hand out leftover projects at 10:15 to a first come first serve line.  When you register online you also will be printing out a waiver to bring with you.

The summer time brings on more projects every other week with a specific theme.  Lowe's is going with an Avenger's theme.  You missed this week but the next signup is June 15th with a workshop on June 27th.

The children not only walk away with a project they completed by themselves or with the help of mom or dad but an apron, certificate, and badge (Lowe's) or pin (Home Depot).

I have gotten better with helping my daughter but as I look back it wasn't really as hard as I thought!
Here is this week's kit and the tool necessary for the job!

The directions! They are usually cut and draw.  At this point we usually line up all our pieces with the top picture to follow along easier.
This project was easy this week. It was perfect for little hands to
 apply stickers
 hammer some more
 apply more stickers!

The end result is a tribute to the Avenger's for this summer series.
She is always happy with her completed project.  It is always different and she is getting much better at her abilities.  She did start out with hammering her fingers and is now starting nails off herself!  Sign up for the 27th opened today to log on to Lowe's for this great event and series.

Don't forget to check out Home Depot for thier children's workshops to:

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