Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Friendly Camping

  I have previously camped with my family and with my girls for a girl weekend.  Since I have had two more children they have not had the privilege of this lifestyle yet.  I decided to introduce them to the concept.  Now my 4 year old is familiar with the highlights. Campfire, s'mores, flashlights and sleeping bags.  However she has never been in a tent.

  I have no problem with tent camping but if there is a cabin available that is my first preference.   We do not own a camper but hopefully in the future we can acquire one. Until then it is tent camping for us.  I must also admit I also prefer a nice cozy campground versus the wild, wilderness.  You know the campgrounds that have more people than wildlife.  Those are the ones for me.

  As a good introduction and a night of entertainment we assembled one of the small tents I own in the middle of the living room.

We brought all sleeping items and spent the night inside.  We finished our nightly routine and retired to the tent for the night.  Flashlights, shadow puppets,

trusty guard dog outside the tent and a cozy family tucked inside.  I never heard a complaint and no one had to make a late night trip to the bathroom.  I would deem this a successful event as the smile they went to sleep with they also woke up with.  The next day they even took their nap in there.

  It was a great family moment.  We did keep the tent up for a second night and again they really enjoyed it.  I think they are ready for the real thing.  Hello sleeping on the ground, night noises, and more fun!

Today is Great America campout!  There are alot of events planned for this exciting day.  Check out your local state parks to see their activities for the weekend.  How to make s'mores, build a campfire, pitch a tent.  Great starter classes to start a tradition with your family.

Find your Virginia State Parks here:

Follow my trips to visit my local state parks here:

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