Friday, June 12, 2015

Finding your inner artist or photographer

The botanical gardens in my local area are having this art challenge!
They have placed these frames through the park in to entice you into taking/making a work of art.  As with any good work of art it will shown at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  This public participation will coincide with the garden movement of 1887-1920.  These works of art will be shown on monitors.

This was a great day to take pictures and enjoy the garden.  As usual I had a willing participant to model for me.

I did manage to capture a moment or two without my assistant.
She did however help me find most of them (she missed the two in the children's area as we didn't go in there but I could see them as we passed).

As if you needed another reason to go the roses are in bloom.  They bloom twice a year and it's still time to take time to smell the ..........
Appreciate all the colors!

 My personal favorite also making an appearance are the hydrangeas.
Making another appreance this year are the butterflies.  This exhibit just opened today so be sure to check that out while your there.

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