Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I tried it (a daily series)

I decided to seek out a cookie that was easy to make.  You know besides the ones you buy in the refrigerated section that you break and make.  I wanted minimal ingredients used but still a good cookie. I found one we have not tried before and this one has no eggs; bonus!! I don't know about you but I love to find recipes that miss a big ingredient such as flour, butter/oil, milk or eggs.  I mark those extra special for those rainy days when you want a sweet treat and lack a major component.

So today's item is Shortbread Wedges!  The recipe was very simple minus confectioners sugar which today I did have on hand but this is not one of my staple baking supplies!  I also loathe room temperature butter.  I keep my butter in the fridge so unless I actually plan ahead I am waiting for a bit for a sweet treat until that butter softens up.  The temperature in my house is set one degree below the fridge (honest- I'm always cold but it's a battle I lose).  I mean how do you compromise more clothes or less? I just keep layering.  Also I have tried to warm up butter but never quite catch that on time before it's definitely past the point of softened.  So I just wait..........

  Anyways this may be a go to recipe to due to the 5 ingredients.  I actually do have the turbinado sugar.  I had gotten it for some other recipe and since it's in individual packets (long story) I may have it for awhile until I run into a few more recipes requiring it.

I would like to try this in a cookie sheet to make more than 12 wedges.  I can handle the double recipe part but any other deviation I get a little nervous about trying.

After you get your dough/batter/mix in the pan and evened out this is the most work of the whole recipe.  You poke holes in the top,
cut into wedges

and sprinkle the top with the turbinado sugar. 
(Note I didn't use the whole requested amount of sugar for the topping)
Finished product was fantastic!! Definitely  a keeper!
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