Tuesday, June 23, 2015

State Park Challenge Park #3

The Eastern Shore part of Virginia has a state park!  The part of Virginia you get to be transported to by way of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (CBBT).  Don't let the toll stop you from traveling over to this great quiet piece of Virginia.  The ride over there was just as beautiful as the state park.
The Kippoteke State Park is just a few short miles from the CBBT.  Great water views, fishing boats and the road or lack there of occasionally along with the high rise bridge can be seen on this long route.  Don't forget to stop at the pier on the bridge either before you head to the Easter Shore or on your way back to see what the fishermen have caught, a snack or drink.

This is our third visit to a state park and with each visit I get excited.  I don't know what to expect but assume it will not be a let down.  This park has a few trails, boat rentals, a beach for swimming, a fishing pier and camping facilities including a yurt!

We parked near a playground which I hated as with 2 little ones in tow; this distraction is the worst kind.  We need to focus in order for the kids to make a majority of the walk we can not play on it.  Our first stop at this park took us to.....
We walked around but didn't spy any butterflies but it was a fun idea.  Walking around and looking at the different varieties of flowers was a great start to our journey.

You are able to get away from the beating sun on one of their many paths through the woods.
Pick your trail! How many miles will it be? What do you want to see?  I love that each trail is different at each park.  We have found a critter

 of one kind or another on all trails or in the park in general.

The water view is beginning to be something I look forward to at each park.  What will the view be like? What will I see? What kind of shells will there be if any?

Behold our first view of the water. Concrete ships acting as a barrier.  These ships are from as far back as WWII used as supply/store ships among other missions.  Along the waterfront their are other opportunities besides gazing across the water.
There is an additional charge to fish off the pier.  I enjoyed the ripples of the sand due to the water pattern.

The shells were plentiful on one side of the pier and on the swimming side the were not as many.  They were very pretty and had this iridescent shimmer in different hues.
This was a great park, a lot of different components that cannot be seen anywhere but at Kippoteke State Park.

VA State Park challenge park #3 completed.
Take a look at all the state parks and see which one you would like to visit to start your own challenge.

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