Sunday, June 28, 2015

State Park Challenge Park #4

  Amongst the hustle and bustle of Virginia Beach down the road from the busy popular beach is a nice quiet state park.
  First Landing State Park just like all the parks I have visited thus far provide a lot of trails and water views or more wooded areas.  This park has beach on one side of the road and a more wooded area on the other side.  So you may choose to stroll along the shoreline or on one of the wooded trails.

  On the beach you get the privilege of taking your shoes off and having a more leisure stroll. Atleast that's how I feel when I hit the sand.  Like everything just slows down.   Whether you like to people watch, swim, look at shells or watch the crabs this beach provides it all.
  The wooded area offers a variety of trails and of course you are able to pick your distance and complexity.  There is a variety of things to look at in the wooded area. Different birds, trees and let's just leave it at that!

  We did arrive at this park after our 3rd park so it was later in the day.  Not quite dusk by the time we got across the street to the wooded area.  I can not say enough that we sprayed bugs spray before our journey but that doesn't stop the bugs from buzzing in your ears and flying around your head even if they can't or have no interest in biting you.  I enjoyed the the trail we picked I like to look at the variety in trees.  I may post a Wordless Wednesday of trees.

  As with every park we get the privilege of seeing a critter that we may not have seen up close or even at all.  My children have never seen crabs before and I will not post her reaction to crabs (and they were plentiful on this beach) ((let's just say she held onto my husband's leg like a fireman's pole)).  It's funny now but it was pretty serious then.  However we could appreciate this little fella.
You can catch up on my adventures at other parks to complete the Virginia State Parks trail-quest.




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