Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I tried it!!

 A perfect and healthy snack oh and easy makes for a happy mom and satisfied children. This is even a recipe the children can make.

  3 ingredients: bananas, peanut butter and graham crackers

I first saw this recipe on pinterest and sadly sometimes I am all about easy recipes.  But whats better than easy. FAST.  Ok, well maybe its not that fast but it is close enough.

Take your bananas however many you choice depending on how many mouths you are feeding, a spoon of peanut butter (again you can even play around with your taste preference)

Squish you banana up first then add your peanut butter to the mixture.  Smear desired amounts on half a graham cracker add the top and pop them in the freezer.  I find that the longer they stay in the softer the cracker gets so I prefer about 2-3 hours.

My kids eat these and I have no guilty conscious when I eat them which is also great.

Genius, quick and healthy snack!

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